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  • Musa, Ahmad (Daffodil International University, 2019-05-08)
    This project entitled “Easy Shifter” is a web based application for hiring trucks and pickups from online at a reasonable cost by giving much less effort. People face many issues when they need to shift their goods or ...
  • AUPF (Daffodil International University, 2019-11-25)
    Originating from a friendly collaboration between institutions of higher education in China and Thailand, the Asian University Presidents Forum was officially established in 2002 to include higher education institutions ...
  • Islam, Kabirul (The Daily Observer, 2019-11-25)
  • The Daily Star (The Daily Star, 2019-11-24)
  • Akhter, Sumy; Chowdhury, ABM Alauddin; Muhammad, Faisal (Daffodil International University, 2018-07-30)
    Health care providers, especially nurses and doctors are constantly exposed to microorganisms and most of them can be affected by serious as well as lethal infections. The estimations shows that the risk of nosocomial ...

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