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Garments ERP System (Commercial And Audit)

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dc.contributor.author Bose, Sowvick
dc.date.accessioned 2022-05-31T03:29:44Z
dc.date.available 2022-05-31T03:29:44Z
dc.date.issued 2019-12
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd:8080/handle/123456789/8101
dc.description.abstract I started to develop this project in April. From the very start of the development of this project, it demands hard work, patients, and persistence to meet the requirements of stakeholders. After that, I proposed the design. And then started to work. Database plays a vital role in any application software. And so this is why I have designed the database diagram to have tables with the proper relationships. After that, I have prepared the user interface and take their approval to continue to the next part. It is to be said that, the interface of my application is very simple and easy to understand. After completing that, I started to write the core functionality of the project. Developing a project is not the end of all tasks. There are some other important tasks to perform. And that is testing. It is also known as quality assurance. Almost every software company, there is a quality assurance team. Their main responsibility is to find the loopholes or vulnerability of software. If there any bug remains before handover to the stakeholders, there is a chance to ruin the whole project. So the testing plan is very important. And after developing the project, I have tried to assure the quality of this project. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Daffodil International University en_US
dc.subject Application software en_US
dc.subject Database diagram en_US
dc.subject ERP system en_US
dc.title Garments ERP System (Commercial And Audit) en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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