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Time Management System

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dc.contributor.author Alam, Anika
dc.contributor.author Faisal, Md. Tanvir
dc.contributor.author Redwan, Muhammad
dc.date.accessioned 2022-06-19T10:21:33Z
dc.date.available 2022-06-19T10:21:33Z
dc.date.issued 2022-01
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd:8080/handle/123456789/8233
dc.description.abstract Time management is an important skill and it is important to achieve the goals and objectives of any organization. According to research, both employers and employees, as well as students, need to learn skills that will boost their productivity or performance in order for a business to manage time effectively and efficiently. Ineffective time management can cause a firm or institution to lose resources, opportunities, and other valuable assets. Time must be managed efficiently and optimally for the betterment of any organization. In this project we have tried to find out how to increase the productivity of any company through a web application. Through this application, the boss of the organization will give a specific time to his employees and that time will allow the employee to do his job just like the time. Every institution has a task or project, as is well known. A good integrating management system, on the other hand, is critical to an organization's success. The system that was created is a web-based application. This project arose from the expertise of the university's CSE department teachers in establishing, managing, and maintaining class tasks or projects on a semester-by-semester basis. The department's procedures were used to create the need specification. The front-end section of the system used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. In the back-end, however, Laravel, PHP, and Java script are employed. In addition, an Android-based mobile app will be developed in the near future. The system saves time for students, teachers, and employees. Because the proposed method assists students and teachers (super admin) in dynamically locating their work and project. A teacher's timetable is easily accessible. The major goal of this automated task and time management system, which a student may access from anywhere and view teacher's (super admin) details, is to allow students to view teacher's (super admin) details. This project provides all university students with a simple class schedule. As a result, this project saves time for all users and super admins when it comes to scheduling. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Daffodil International University en_US
dc.subject Time management en_US
dc.subject Web application en_US
dc.title Time Management System en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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